Corporate social responsibility is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

Our responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a key part of Coca-Cola HBC’s culture. It guides our decisions and investments to safeguard our business activities in the long term.

Our business strategy is built on the fundamental principle of creating value with all of our stakeholders – consumers, customers, communities, employees and shareholders – and further developing our collaboration continuously.

We have integrated social responsibility across every aspect of our business. To that end, we have defined six CSR focus areas. We set targets and assess our progress on an ongoing basis in each of these areas.



We offer our consumers a broad range of refreshing and high-quality beverages. We reduce the calories in our beverages on an ongoing basis and offer transparent nutrition information.


Employees and social commitment
We help our employees achieve their full potential, continue to develop and act responsibly and safely. We contribute to value creation in Switzerland and actively support various charitable organizations.


Water stewardship
We do everything we can to protect our most important natural resource and utilize it as efficiently as possible.


Emission reduction
We make every effort to use energy as efficiently as possible in the production of our beverages. Wherever possible, we utilize renewable and clean energy.


World without waste
We constantly strive to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging. Our packaging is 100 % recyclable, and we are working to make it even more sustainable.


We maintain close relationships with our suppliers and work together to find sustainable solutions.


Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland sustainability report

For further information on our CSR focus areas, please see the detailed sustainability report or the CSR fact sheet.

CSR fact sheet(in German):
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Detailed sustainability report:
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