We are actively working to reduce the environmental footprint of our production, transportation and cooling equipment.

Focus on CO2 emissions from transportation

Thanks to the efforts of our logistics partners, we are also reducing the CO2 emissions caused indirectly by our business activities. Since 2016, SBB Cargo is transporting more than 1'000 cans and Nestea PET bottles in a 550-metre-long train (comprising up to 31 railway wagons) from northern Italy to our logistics partner in Rümlang every week. This prevents 40 HGV journeys a week and the resultant 1'200 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

CO2 offsetting with social consequences

Our partner in the Czech Republic repairs defective coolers. The CO2 emissions resulting from the transport involved are offset via a project in Brazil, where the Switzerland-based Fair Recycling Foundation recycles old coolers containing CFCs.

Recycling a single refrigerator saves one tonne of CO2 equivalents and recovers 50 kg of raw materials. In its first four years of operation, the plant in Cabreúva disposed of more than 375'000 of the country‘s coolers, thus avoiding the emission of 375'000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents and reclaiming 18'750 tonnes of recyclable materials. This project has also resulted in the creation of 150 full-time jobs.

Our target by 2020: 22% less energy used for each litre of beverage (compared to 2010)