The convenient delivery service takes care of all your beverage needs at home or in the office. Qwell offers a broad assortment of beverages, along with convenient and free delivery. Your personal Qwell delivery agent will also pick up your empties and make sure that they are properly recycled.

A service with a long tradition: The success story of Valser Service Ltd. - today Qwell by Valser - started back in 1961. The beverage delivery service is unique in Switzerland. It offers a wide assortment of beverages and delivers them to the customer's home or office free of charge.

The Qwell by Valser product range features the right thirst quencher for everyone! Products include everything from brands like VALSER, Aquarius, Fanta, and Coca-Cola to energy drinks and delicious Lavazza and Costa coffee and even beer, wine, and gin with the tonic to go with it. Qwell by Valser lets you put together your own assorted beverage selection to satisfy your individual taste and needs.

However, your personal Qwell delivery agent will not only deliver your beverages but also pick up your empties and ensure their proper recycling. Upon request, your delivery agent will also manage your beverage inventory.