Qwell Express


Get drinks delivered to your home or office in just a few clicks with QWELL EXPRESS. With our unique delivery service, you can get your favourite drinks delivered to a place of your choosing from a minimum order value of CHF 30. We’ll also collect your empties.

With more than 800 different drinks in our product range, QWELL EXPRESS offers a simple and flexible service. QWELL EXPRESS doesn’t just take care of carrying your drinks, they also provide expert advice on our range of products. Life is complicated enough – it’s time to make things a little simpler. Have your drinks delivered by QWELL EXPRESS.

Qwell Express Qwell Express

We offer simple and environmentally friendly convenience. That’s why you can find a wide selection of drinks in our product range, which includes Valser water, Switzerland’s first climate-neutral mineral water. Valser uses PET bottles made from 100% recycled PET.

Discover our range of excellent products and try out our service.