With a ceremony to mark its 50th anniversary, Valser Mineralquellen is opening Valser Water World in the community of Vals, Grisons.

The interactive exhibition will inform visitors about how the water is produced and its importance. In his opening speech, National Councillor Christophe Darbellay, President of the political party CVP Schweiz and President of the interest group IG Mineralwasser, said: “Switzerland is like a moated palace, with the water surrounding it being inexhaustible and delivering a natural product of the highest quality. I’m pleased that it is in good hands and being used to quench the thirst of Swiss consumers.”

The Member of the Parliament of the Canton of Grisons Hansjörg Trachsel said in his follow-on speech: “In Grisons, we value companies of the highest quality. Coca‑Cola has proven that it does an outstanding job of managing Valser Mineralquellen.”

Valser Water World allows visitors to dive into the element, brings water to life and shows why it is so precious for us humans. It will explain how rain water is transformed into mineral water in the natural water works in the Vals mountains. Using an interactive video animation, visitors will discover what percent-age of their bodies is actually made up of water, plus they’ll learn some extraordinary stories about the topic of water.

“With Valser Mineralquellen, we’re fortunate to have a company in our community that is actively committed to, and has a long-term interest in, the people and nature of Vals,” says Commu-nal President Margrit Walker-Tönz. Both Zoran Bogdanovic, Country General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland AG, and Flavio Calligaris-Maibach, Market Operations Manager of Coca‑Cola Switzerland GmbH, are also proud of the opening of Valser Water World.

Valser Mineralquellen and Coca‑Cola are committed to the sustainable use of water as a natural resource. Today, Valser Mineralquellen is one of the region’s biggest employers and it has committed itself to conserving all re-sources. In this regard, Valser Mineralquellen is supporting the local economy and authorities, covering 100 percent of its energy requirements from hydroelectricity and is an important symbol for the region. Furthermore, Valser Miner-alquellen also demonstrates its commitment to the conservation of natural re-sources through its partnerships in and memberships of environmental organisations and IG Mineralwasser.

Valser water is Switzerland’s most popular brand of mineral water, and one which is well-known and highly regarded abroad. Valser Mineralquellen bottled around 110 million litres of water in Vals/GR in 2009 – enough to supply retailers, restaurants and, through its delivery service, 180,000 homes and offices in Switzerland. The company employs over 90 people and its bottling plant is located directly at the mineral water spring in Vals/GR; it also has a distribution warehouse in Zizers/GR and an administrative office in Bollingen/BE. The company celebrates its 50th anniversary in November 2010.

Please find the pictures of the opening ceremony in our picture gallery.


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