Valser launches Valser Silence: an especially mild-tasting natural mineral water. The natural mineral water emerges high above Vals Valley from the recently tapped St. Paulsquelle spring – one of the highest sources of mineral water in Switzerland.

The mild taste of Valser Silence is down to its low mineral content. Valser Mineralquellen invested around five million Swiss francs in the tapping of the new source. The non-sparkling premium water from the new source is available now at selected hotels, restaurants, via Valser Service and at selected petrol stations.

With new Valser Silence, Switzerland’s most popular brand of mineral water can now satisfy those who prefer a mild-tasting water. “Mild-tasting, non-sparkling water is enjoying greater popularity – with our water from the recently tapped St. Paulsquelle spring, we can now offer this target group a water from Vals,” rejoices Joëlle Vock, Brand Manager at Valser.

Together with the high mineral content varieties – Valser Classic and Valser Naturelle – new Valser Silence complements a range which offers the right water to suit any taste. Valser Silence is available now at selected hotels, restaurants, at home via Valser Service and at selected petrol stations.

Lightly mineralised – the latest trend

Mild-tasting Valser Silence emerges at an altitude of 1,815m above sea level, making it one of the highest springs in the Alps. Its low mineral content of 220mg/l is due to the relatively short time the water spends percolating through the mountain. “Valser Silence is a mild-tasting, non-sparkling mineral water that embodies the core values of Valser: genuine and pure,” comments Urs Länzlinger, Plant Manager at Valser Mineralquellen. And he’s certain that: “With this new product, we can further strengthen Valser’s position.”

The water to suit a long evening meal

“Not all waters are the same,” says Arno Steguweit speaking from experience. The author and Europe’s first water sommelier samples mineral waters from across the globe with the same dedication he pays to sampling wine or champagne as a wine sommelier. “It’s essential to choose the right mineral water – an art mainly dictated by your personal perception of taste, but one which also depends on the advice you’re given,” explains Arno.

The mineral water connoisseur is particularly impressed with new, non-sparkling Valser Silence. What sets it apart is its soft and mild taste. “I recommend new Valser Silence to my guests for long evening meals – it’s refreshing and cleanses the palate between the courses of perfection,” says Arno.

Valser Mineralquellen was established in 1960. Through Valser Service, which supplies homes and offices, the mineral water from Vals became known across Switzerland. Today, Valser Mineralquellen is one of the largest employers in Vals, employing almost 80 people, and has belonged to Coca‑Cola since 2002.

Over the last few years, Coca‑Cola has invested over CHF 20 million in the facilities at Vals, including tapping a new source from which Valser Silence has been filled since April 2010. The Valser range comprises Valser Classic, Valser Naturelle, Valser Silence, Valser Viva and Valser Limelite. According to a GfK study, Valser is the most popular mineral water among the Swiss.


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