The triathlon is a popular event at the moment – it’s a healthy, varied and active sport that puts you in touch with nature and tests your endurance. Almost anyone can run a triathlon and learn to reach new fitness levels and set new goals for themselves – something that Powerade, the official sponsor of the Swiss Triathlon and Ironman Switzerland, actively helps people do.

The triathlon is an endurance sport, a multi-discipline event comprising swimming, cycling and running over long distances – a combination of sports which almost everyone can partake in. The challenge lies in your ability to sustain endurance, in staying power and in effective training. One question that comes up, particularly for those who like recreational sports, is: “How do I prepare for a triathlon?” In partnership with triathlon pro Olivier Bernhard, Powerade will show you how you can best prepare for your triathlon.

Your personal training plan by former pro Olivier Bernhard – at
As the new official partner of the Swiss Triathlon and Ironman Switzerland, Powerade intends to make a lasting contribution towards developing the young sport of triathlon. Together with the former triathlon pro Olivier Bernhard, Powerade will be supporting both beginners and experienced athletes with free tips on training and nourishment to accompany their preparations.

Anyone can register for this training plan whenever they want. The programme is customised to suit your training capacities, particular training level and personal goals.

Olivier Bernhard: The triathlon pro!

Olivier Bernhard is three-times world champion in the duathlon and six-times winner of the Ironman competition. He even managed to establish his own company, olivierbernhard - top performance coaching, during his active career as an extremely successful pro. Above all, his aim is to pass on his extensive wealth of experience to pros as well as recreational and up-and-coming athletes.
Along with coaching for athletes, Olivier Bernhard is a much sought-after guest speaker for lectures, presentations, workshops and seminars both for business and social events.


Powerade: Official Partner of the Swiss Triathlon and Ironman Switzerland

Powerade is the official isotonic sports drink of the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup and now the Swiss Triathlon Association as well as the Ironman Switzerland.

Powerade represents an active lifestyle. The product is intended to help you get the best out of yourself, achieve personal goals and surpass even your own fitness levels regardless of the distance and your level of performance. Powerade contains no added artificial sweeteners. It contains a combination of fast-acting carbohydrates and minerals (sodium, potassium and magnesium). It quenches your thirst and gives you energy. What’s more, it rehydrates you better than water.

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