The 17th Gourmet Festival in St. Moritz marked the fifth time Valser has been Main Sponsor of this prestigious event. We took this opportunity to welcome media representatives to an exclusive water tasting event.

Europe’s most well-known water sommelier, Arno Steguweit, introduced those present to the world of mineral water. The days are long gone when all it took to order the right mineral water to accompany the meal was a choice between “still or sparkling?”, after all: “Not all mineral waters are the same; depending on the mineral content, some may taste sweet, slightly bitter or have an iron-like taste. The carbonation level, the spring and the drinker’s own taste are also key when it comes to assessing a mineral water,” he says.

The trend towards the personalisation of mineral water can no longer be stopped. Along with a wine list, an increasing number of restaurants also have a list of waters. “More and more people are developing a sense of taste for mineral water, and are literally becoming mineral water gourmets,” adds Arno. “Fortunately, Switzerland has very good mineral waters that don’t just taste great, but are also of outstanding quality – which can easily beat mineral waters imported from abroad.”

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