A significant number of young adults cannot find employment: According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), in the first quarter of 2018, on average 8.8% of young adults were looking for work in Switzerland. For many of them, the entry into the job market is posing a huge challenge.

"The step from the familiar learning environment into the first permanent job is difficult for some young adults. Often, they don't have any contact person and free counseling services are lacking. This is exactly where "MyFutureJob" comes into play and Coca‑Cola Switzerland supports us there," explains Marco Mettler, manager of programs with Pro Juventute.

The entry into the workforce defines the future. "At Coca‑Cola, we strongly believe in the potential of young people, and we recognize that not all young adults have the same chances for a successful career. As a partner with Pro Juventute, we offer young adults targeted support in their search for meaningful work that corresponds to their skills and potential," explains Rahel Raum, responsible for CSR communications with Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland.


Fighting Youth Unemployment Together

The free job application training by Pro Juventute allows young people to practice job interviews with volunteering Coca‑Cola employees and provides tips from experienced professionals. For those teens and young adults who already have some work experience and would like to get ready for the business world there is our new Youth Empowered Digital Hub. Here, they can find exciting e-learning programs on topics such as communications and time management.