In the optional Mini Company (Miniunternehmen) lesson at “Informatikmittelschule” school in Hottingen, young talents have established a company called ReUsed. They design creative memory sticks from simple, everyday objects such as cans.

The Mini Company lesson is a successful project run by Young Enterprise Switzerland. The aim of this hands-on business education programme for pupils is to link business with schools.

The pupils taking part learn to think in a business-orientated way, act like entrepreneurs and to be persuasive, thus preparing them to go out and find their own way in the global economy and be successful by giving them a sense of responsibility.

The young entrepreneurs at the school have successfully produced a business plan which persuaded Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland to get onboard as a sponsor.

Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland congratulates the mini entrepreneurs: they secured a place in the competition to find the most successful young company and made it into the Top 25 of Swiss companies taking part.