Working together with SBB Cargo, Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland has decided to make the switch and transport cans and Nestea PET bottles by rail. This will relieve the roads of up to 40 trucks each week and will reduce CO2 emissions by 1,200 tons per year.

Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland produces over 80% of their drinks locally in Switzerland. Transport of cans and Nestea PET bottles from the Italian production plant of Nogara (near Verona), will be switched from the roads to the railways next year. From February 2016, products will be newly transported via freight train along the Gotthard route directly to Rümlang in the Camion Transport AG distribution center. After a successful test phase in October 2015, SBB Cargo and Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland agreed to work together.

In the future, SBB Cargo will transport more than 1,000 pallets per week for Coca‑Cola on a 550-meter train combination consisting of up to 31 railcars. The partnership strengthens the bodies which administer rail transport services, proving that these are competitive and that the sector can create marketable offers. With the further development of its logistics concept, Coca‑Cola achieved a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 1,200 tons per year, thus paving the way for the future transport of goods.

High quality and reliability

In addition to the environmental factor and the competitive offer, high quality and reliability were decisive factors in awarding the transport to SBB Cargo. The project between the two partners was discussed for the first time in October 2014 and will be implemented in the coming year. Coca‑Cola set a new strategic direction in the field of logistics and proved further commitment to sustainability by switching their transport from the roads to the railways.

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Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland

Coca‑Cola has been producing locally for Swiss consumers since 1936 and has about 1,000 employees in Switzerland. Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland is the leading manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages in Switzerland. Together with more than 50,000 gastronomy and commercial partners, the company provides Switzerland with refreshments in the form of 500 million liters of beverages annually. The portfo-lio comprises 13 brands, including Coca‑Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Nestea, Valser, Powerade and Monster. Coca‑Cola also wants to set the tone when it comes to the topic of sustainability. The company has undertaken numerous initiatives in the area of environmental protection, assumes corporate social responsibility as an im-portant employer and supports a healthy, active lifestyle. Coca‑Cola HBC Switzer-land AG is a subsidiary of Coca‑Cola HBC AG. For more information, please visit

SBB Cargo

SBB Cargo is in favor of sustainable rail freight transport. With a quarter of the total road freight, freight railway has been number one since Swiss freight transport was liberalised in 1999. It employs around 3,000 people and has more than 6,800 freight cars, as well as about 500 locomotives. SBB cargo transports goods safely and with high levels of punctuality - it also effectively and sustainably relieves the roads. The freight railway offers Swiss quality, creative solutions and develops new business, thus contributing to the success of its customers.

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