Coca‑Cola Switzerland and Too Good To Go are joining forces in the fight against food waste. Going forward, Coke, Fanta, Sprite, and other beverages will be sold at reduced prices when they are approaching their best-before date.

A third of all food gets wasted along the value chain. In Switzerland, more than two million tons of perfectly good food is lost that way every year – on fields, at retailers, in restaurants, but also at home.

A strong stand against wastefulness

Coca‑Cola Switzerland wants to help change that – which is why the Company is partnering with "Too Good To Go", a start-up that saves groceries from going to the landfill because it believes that they are too good to be thrown out.

Too Good To Go offers an app that connects consumers with food suppliers and turns them into so-called #wastewarriors. Instead of landing in the dumpster, products are sold a reduced price. That's good for the consumer, good for the business, and – above all – good for the environment: it's a Win-Win-Win!

Coke, Fanta, Sprite and other beverages

As of Februar 19th, some Coca‑Cola Switzerland products will start showing up at Too Good To Go, including popular brands like Coke, Fanta, Sprite or FuseTea. These are beverages that are approaching their best-before date within the next few weeks and can therefore no longer be sold through our regular channels. Of course, the beverages are still entirely enjoyable - they are too good to go!