The radio station DRS3, Swiss Television and Swiss Solidarity held the charity campaign ‘Every Cent Counts’ (Jeder Rappen zählt) in Berne for the second time between Monday the 13th and Saturday the 18th of December 2010.

Some 9 million Swiss francs (roughly 7 million euros) was collected for projects that assist child victims of wars and conflicts. The money went directly to Swiss Solidarity which works together with 31 Swiss relief organisations.

For ‘Every Cent Counts’, Coca‑Cola auctioned off the original World Cup football used in the Switzerland v. Spain game for an incredible 2,836 CHF – all of which went directly to help children in war-torn areas.

“We’ve waited a long time for the opportunity to put this ball to a meaningful use,” says Flavio Calligaris, Market Operations Manager Coca‑Cola Switzerland. “By donating the proceeds from the sale of this ball, we’re not just helping children in need, but also making one lucky football fan happy too – that gives us real pleasure.”

The football used by Switzerland in their match against Spain at the last World Cup was owned by Coca‑Cola up until December 2010 – and as Switzerland won the game against Spain 1:0, the ball has become a collectors’ item in fan circles.

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