Our Group – Coca‑Cola Hellenic – is one of the world’s largest bottlers of Coca‑Cola Company products, and the largest bottler in Europe with 28 countries making up the Coca‑Cola Hellenic Group.

We’d like to congratulate our colleagues from Coca‑Cola HBC Greece on winning the main prize at the European Excellence Awards 2010. With their Mission Water initiative, they drew attention to the acute water shortage in the Mediterranean region, particularly on the Greek islands. They called on the population to treat their water resources sustainably, and as part of the project they introduced new rainwater harvesting systems on eight Cyclades islands. Instead of the water just draining away, rainwater harvesting system technology enables rainwater to be collected and harvested from rooftops and building facades, ensuring a constant supply of water even during dry spells.

28 trades people were trained to construct and maintain the systems. The water harvesting systems are designed to supply some 500 islanders with a good 100,000 litres of potable water, plus 290,000 litres of non-potable water, every year.

To support the project, training seminars were held for 206 primary and secondary school pupils while 83 teachers were able to attend environment seminars where they all learned valuable information about this initiative and were made aware of the topic of water resource conservation. Water is becoming a core issue not only in Greece, but also in Switzerland and other European countries. Coca‑Cola Hellenic is committed to the conservation and sparing use of potable water across Europe. In Switzerland, we are actively ensuring that we optimise water consumption in our production processes by taking measures such as improving our cleaning processes and educating our employees to use water sparingly.

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