During the first week of January, 65 Coca‑Cola employees volunteered for two days at the Swiss Red Cross distribution centre in Wabern near Berne as part of the ‘2 x Christmas’ campaign.

This is now the 14th time the ‘2 x Christmas’ campaign has been run by the Swiss Red Cross, Swiss Post and SRG SSR idée suisse. The idea behind it is for people who live in material excess to share their joy with the needy at home and abroad.

Our employees opened donated parcels and sorted the foodstuffs, soft toys, toiletries and school equipment that were donated, as well as the Christmas presents which were given as gifts, and in doing so gave socially disadvantaged people at home and abroad the gift of a 2nd Christmas.

“It’s great to see the wide variety of items sent in to spread joy to others,” explains Shirley Védrigue after volunteering for the ‘2 x Christmas’ campaign. “It gives you a nice feeling to know that others are being helped thanks to these donations and our support. I would love to be there when the presents are handed out.”

Coca‑Cola has been directly associated with Christmas since the year dot through Santa Claus and the Christmas Truck. Unfortunately for many, Christmas isn’t a time of sumptuous food and lots of presents, so to ensure Christmas is a celebration for everyone, Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland got involved in the Swiss Red Cross ‘2 x Christmas’ campaign. By doing so, Coca‑Cola employees, together with the Swiss Red Cross, actively helped to ensure everyone shared in some Christmas spirit.

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