Volunteer employees of Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland are pitching in to help with "2x Christmas". Thanks to their commitment, donated goods can be distributed to those that need them most.

"Hardly any group processes as many packages in a day as Coca‑Cola", enthuses Alja Sieber, the contact person for corporate partnerships at the Swiss Red Cross (SRC). Numerous employees have volunteered to participate in the "2x Christmas" project, which collects donated goods and distributes them to those that need them most.

The Swiss Red Cross has been calling for donations of food and hygiene items year after year – this year is the 23rd time they have done so. The context is the fact that, although poverty in Switzerland is often not visible, it is still present. And the Swiss people have great solidarity. Around 60,000 packages are waiting to be opened, have their contents sorted and be repackaged.

The standards are high, which is why the Coke employees have approached the task with great commitment again this year. The result? Approximately 4,500 packages that are to be delivered to their recipients in the near future. Alja Sieber says that the SRC is happy to have the support of companies such as Coca‑Cola. Otherwise they would not be able to deal with the huge number of packages and help all of those in need. Adrienn Rast, HR Manager Supply Chain at Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland, says after a long day: "Doing good makes you happy. After the work you feel good, as if you have really made a difference."

Check handover during the project. In addition to helping with packing, Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland donates 20,000 Swiss francs for 2x Christmas, to cover the administrative costs of the project.