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20 Minutes on the trail of Coca‑Cola's secret syrup

Local production plays a particularly important role for the economy in challenging times like these. Coca‑Cola Switzerland has been producing locally for more than 80 years, with most of the ingredients used being sourced from local suppliers. Coca‑Cola makes a significant contribution to Swiss economy this way and creates jobs. 20 Minutes wanted to see for themselves: the leading Swiss newspaper visited our Dietlikon plant already before the COVID-19 outbreak to find out more about Coca‑Cola's world-famous syrup.


Partitions for the Swiss food service and hotel sectors: support campaign from Coca‑Cola Switzerland

Thanks to an initiative from Coca‑Cola Switzerland, food service establishments and hotels in Switzerland can order partitions at a discounted price, allowing them to accommodate up to 40% more guests.


The first Coca‑Cola is on us

The goal of the campaign is to inspire people in Switzerland to cultivate a new appreciation for everyday things. At the same time, we are helping to support food service establishments and hotels after reopening.


2019 sustainability report: Valuable projects for people and the environment implemented

Lower CO2 emissions and water and energy use along with greater commitment and dedication to our employees and society at large. The 2019 sustainability report showcases these facts and more about our business activities.


#together – Coca‑Cola Switzerland thanks health workers and recruits

At this time, it is up to all of us to do everything we can to support others and help where it's needed. Whether we're strictly following the measures imposed by the Swiss Federal Council, getting groceries for the elderly, or staying in touch with friends and family, we can continue to cooperate and even strengthen our connections in spite of the distance and current uncertainties.


Donation for Swiss Red Cross: Coca‑Cola Switzerland supports project for people in need

Globally, The Coca‑Cola Company and The Coca‑Cola Foundation together with Coca‑Cola HBC and all other bottling partners Worldwide are supporting various COVID-19 aid measures with a monetary donation. In Switzerland, the contribution is going to the Swiss Red Cross. Coca‑Cola Switzerland is providing the funds to support people who are in need due to COVID-19.


#HELPGASTRO - Solidarity initiative for the Swiss food service and hotel sector

The current protective measures are hitting the restaurant and hotel sector hard. Numerous restaurants, bars and cafés across Switzerland are being affected by the necessary closures. This is why Coca‑Cola Switzerland, together with an alliance of various partners in the Swiss food service and hotel industry, has set up the #HELPGASTRO platform. Thanks to this initiative, businesses firstly get immediate support, and secondly future customer visits are generated.


Thomas Krennbauer becomes new Country General Manager

Thomas Krennbauer becomes new Country General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland as of April 1st, 2020. The 53-year-old Austrian already worked for Coca‑Cola in a variety of roles in the past and knows the Swiss market. He takes over from Nigel Davis, who has held this position since 2016.


VALSER and Climeworks in the spotlight: CNN International visits Vals

VALSER is the first, and so far only, beverage company in the world to use carbon dioxide from the air, thereby supporting a groundbreaking technology in the fight against climate change. The pioneering project is having an impact and drawing media from Switzerland and abroad to the mountain town of Vals: Just recently, Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) and CNN International paid a visit to see how CO2 from the air ends up in a VALSER bottle.


“We need to finally level the playing field.”

Women still earn less than their male colleagues. Two leading businesswomen take a stand today, on Equal Pay Day – and point out how things could be different.


Fighting food waste in partnership with "Too Good To Go"

Coca‑Cola Switzerland and Too Good To Go are joining forces in the fight against food waste. Going forward, Coke, Fanta, Sprite, and other beverages will be sold at reduced prices when they are approaching their best-before date.


#together: Coca‑Cola takes a stand for a colorful and non-discriminatory Switzerland

Coca‑Cola Switzerland is committed to a modern, diverse Switzerland, free of discrimination. The company, which has been based in Switzerland for over 80 years, is publicly taking a stand in support of coexistence in our country. By making this move, Coca‑Cola Switzerland is tying in with its longstanding tradition of standing up for equal rights and tolerance all over the world.


"2x Christmas": Coke employees package aid items

Volunteer employees of Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland are pitching in to help with "2x Christmas". Thanks to their commitment, donated goods can be distributed to those that need them most.


Change of leadership at Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland: Jan Lunelli becomes new Sales Director

Jan Lunelli becomes new Sales Director and member of the management at Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland. Together with his team he is going to lead different sales channels throughout Switzerland. Jan Lunelli is following Rico Uesluek as from early January 2020.


New PET end of line: a clear commitment to the local production in Switzerland

Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland put a new PET packaging line into operation at its Dietlikon plant in mid-November. The new line is one of the most modern packaging lines of the Coca‑Cola HBC Group.


Sustainability on the road: Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland drives on biogas

Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland starts to operate the country's largest biogas vehicle fleet. By changing its vehicle fleet to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), the company achieves once more a significant reduction of its carbon footprint.


Coca Cola Switzerland Employees: Startup spirit with Marketing Manager Rahel

A new video series presents portraits of several employees of Coca Cola Switzerland who show how they are championing topics in their day-to-day work that are also important to our society. The latest episode supplies insight into the world of startups. Marketing Manager Rahel explains what Coca‑Cola Switzerland is doing to foster a spirit of innovation and introduces specific projects.


Coca‑Cola Switzerland Employees: Packaging specialist Dominik takes a close-up look at glass, aluminum, and PET

In a new video series, we are featuring Coca‑Cola Switzerland employees who show how they are championing topics in their day-to-day work that are also important to our society. In this episode, Dominik, packaging specialist at Coca‑Cola Switzerland, takes a close-up look at various forms of packaging and explains why a well-functioning recycling system is crucial.


Coca‑Cola Switzerland Employees: “That’s what ‘Swiss made’ means” – on tour with Reto, Production Area Manager

A new video series presents portraits of several employees of Coca‑Cola Switzerland who show how they are championing topics in their day-to-day work that are also important to our society. Since 1936 Coca‑Cola has been producing locally in Switzerland. “You need top-quality raw materials, know-how, and passion.” – says Reto, Production Area Manager at Coca‑Cola Switzerland.


Coca‑Cola Switzerland Employees: Sustainably mobile on the road with Fleet Manager Roberto

A new video series presents portraits of several employees of Coca‑Cola Switzerland who show how they are championing topics in their day-to-day work that are also important to our society. Are mobility and sustainability mutually exclusive? "No," says Roberto, Fleet Manager at Coca‑Cola Switzerland.


Re-certified: VALSER is climate-neutral!

Valser Mineralquellen has been re-certified by Swiss Climate. VALSER produces and markets all of its beverages on a climate-neutral basis. But what does that actually mean?


Coca‑Cola Switzerland – New portrait series puts our employees’ commitment and dedication front and center

A new video series presents portraits of several employees of Coca‑Cola Switzerland who show how they are championing topics in their day-to-day work that are also important to our society. The focus is on our employees' personal commitment. Because ultimately, it is these acts that collectively shape corporate values and make Coca‑Cola Switzerland's engagement in local initiatives possible. Our people are the secret ingredient.


Coca‑Cola HBC is Europe's most sustainable beverage manufacturer

September 2019 – The Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2019 (DJSI) awarded Coca‑Cola HBC as Europe's most sustainable beverage company. On a global level, the company climbed from third to second place – also thanks to the exemplary production in Switzerland.


VALSER to get its fizz from the air with Climeworks

The brand will be the world’s first to use Climeworks’ exciting new technology that captures CO2 from the air and purifies it for use in beverages


Coca‑Cola HBC to launch Costa Coffee in Switzerland

Coca‑Cola HBC – Coca‑Cola HBC – one of the largest Coca‑Cola bottlers in the world – plans to launch Costa Coffee in at least 10 of its 28 markets next year, including Switzerland, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Russia. This will address a broad range of consumer and customer needs across multiple channels and occasions, in line with Coca‑Cola HBC’s leading 24/7 beverage partner vision.


VALSER to launch bottles made from 100% recycled PET

VALSER is the first Swiss mineral water to launch PET bottles made from 100% recycled material. The recycled PET originates uniquely from the Swiss market.


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Clean-up Day 2018: Coca‑Cola employees against littering

Nigel Davis, General Manager and Patrick Wittweiler, Sustainability Manager at Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland, exchanged their suits and ties for safety vests and rubber gloves for a day. Alongside thousands of volunteers all over the country, they cleaned fields, forests, and sidewalks of litter and advocated for a "World Without Waste". Watch the video to find out how they spent Clean-up Day and what they thought about their work.


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Solar power for Vals – a joint effort

The photovoltaic facility on the roof of Valser Mineralquellen supplies solar energy for about 36 households. This was made possible by teamwork in Vals. The following video tells the story of how it all came about...


Coca‑Cola Switzerland receives recognition for exemplary environmental objectives

In a recently published study of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) on the topic "Environmental Objectives of Companies in Switzerland" Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland achieved the third best result of the total of 500 largest Swiss companies.

Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland
at a glance

Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland is the biggest company in the non-alcoholic beverage industry in the country and is a franchised bottler of The Coca‑Cola Company.

Line of the different Coca-Cola bottles over the decades


We have a rich heritage and an exciting future – from the creation of Coca‑Cola in 1886 to being recognised as an industry leader by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices today.

Our impact in numbers

Coca‑Cola has been refreshing Swiss consumers since 1936.