Coca‑Cola is more Swiss than you might think

Local impact

82 percent of the beverages sold in Switzerland by Coca-Cola are manufactured directly in Switzerland. 95 percent of the ingredients required for their manufacture come from Swiss suppliers.


Coca‑Cola Switzerland receives recognition for exemplary environmental objectives

In a recently published study of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) on the topic "Environmental Objectives of Companies in Switzerland" Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland achieved the third best result of the total of 500 largest Swiss companies.



We sustain long-term partnerships with selected organizations and jointly direct our activities to our environment and our society.



We are a member of several associations, where we represent our corporate interests.


Our contribution in Switzerland.

Did you know, that 95 percent of the ingredients of our beverages originate in Switzerland? Or that Coca‑Cola Switzerland enables a local value creation of CHF 916 million?

This Coca‑Cola
is 95% Swiss