Coca‑Cola isn’t just the world’s most popular brand, it’s also a promise of enjoyment and that everyone can achieve what they want provided they work hard.


We make Coke happen every Day!

By joining Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland you’ll be part of a sustainable company and you have the opportunity to work for one of the world’s most iconic brands. Our success story is written day after day thanks to the many little and large individual successes the people behind the brand achieve every day.

Our recipe for success: enjoyment of life, an active and healthy lifestyle, pioneering spirit and staying power, a fresh way of thinking and fair play, and above all honest hard work. And there’s an extra portion of Swissness added: the quest for quality and the awareness, that everything can be done just a bit better together.

In our Coke-Family, people are the secret ingredient – we are all different in many ways, we challenge each other to learn every day and we love having fun and win together. Corina Widmer, Human Resources Director

What do we offer?

An invitation to go-getters

Fascinating, interesting work right where the market action is – made for go-getters who want to achieve things not just in theory, but immediately.

Best feeding ground for high growth

At our company, the doors are open to those who want to get ahead. And there are many open doors – after all, if you do well here, you will be among the best anywhere in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods segment.

A culture of enjoyment

It doesn't matter where you come from – we’ll be on first-name terms regardless. The team and ability to inspire yourself and others matter much more than a suit and tie.

The world's greatest brand – Made in Switzerland

We work for the world's greatest and most popular brand. We are proud of that. But here in Switzerland, there's an extra portion of Swissness added: maximum quality – and that makes us even prouder.

Take up the challenge. Join us!

What are your benefits?