Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland is a place where talented people can grow and reach their full potential.

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Application process

How do you make Coke happen every day? Find out here.

How do you apply?

Search and apply for your dream job online

What should you include with your application?

It's easier for us when you submit all your documents in a single PDF document (max. 3MB).

What happens to your application?

If we think you will fit in well at our company and you can perform the assigned duties successfully, we will gladly invite you for an interview.

If we feel your profile doesn't quite meet the requirements of the desired position, we always take a look at what other vacancies we have. Perhaps you will succeed in another area.

If your application impresses us, but we don't have any suitable vacancies at the moment, we will gladly keep your details on file with your agreement. A new opportunity might present itself tomorrow!

We treat all applications in the strictest of confidence and in compliance with data-protection provisions.

How long does the application process take?

Our aim is to provide feedback within 14 days. If you haven't heard from us by then, feel free to get in touch. We will be pleased to give you initial feedback without any complications.

How is the application process structured?

Usually, we conduct 2-3 interviews with you. The initial interview focuses on us getting to know each other better. From Coca‑Cola HBC's side, someone from Human Resources and your future Line Manager are present.

There then follows a further interview where you get to know your future team members.

Depending on the position, we invite you to attend a trial day or give you a case study to work on which you can present afterwards.