One should have this zest for life that everybody here has.

My career story at CCHBC

Before coming to Coca‑Cola HBC, I was self-employed in the food industry. I had a catering company and bakery, and then I also got in the restaurant business. As everybody knows, in the food industry you work a lot: weekends, evenings and in the bakery also early in the morning. When a Coca‑Cola sales advisor came into my business one day, I was super frustrated and simply asked him whether he had a job for me. He encouraged me to simply apply, and here I am now.

In January 2012, I started with the salesforce as a BD. After three and a half years, I was promoted to Sales Team Leader (STL) and was able to lead my own team. I've been doing this job for over three years now. Before I was promoted as Regional Sales Manager I was filling my boss' position as on an interim basis for six months. Now I'm responsible for four teams.

My growth with CCHBC

Advancement opportunities are very important for me personally because I am someone who wants to get ahead. For people like me, Coca‑Cola HBC is really great, because there are tons of opportunities. The doors open everywhere. That's also the reason why I've stayed with this company until now.

My daily motivation

I have to say, I'm having a lot of fun with the people at Coca‑Cola HBC. The atmosphere here in the company is incredible. It is extremely positive, and we all have fun at work every day. But of course, I'm also motivated by the Coca‑Cola brand. It makes me proud to be working for this brand.


What I am proud of as a CCHBC employee

For sure, the brand makes me proud. I am proud to be able to work for such a great brand. I am also proud to be driving through Zürich and see all of the implementations. These are really things that motivate me. Like when I'm walking down Bahnhofsstrasse with friends and I can show them all the things I've implemented in the street. Those are things that make me extremely proud and motivate me a lot.

My personal success story

My biggest personal success story is of course my career path until now. For example, that I was able to take on a team, or that I am currently allowed to lead several teams. These are stories that affect me personally. But there are of course also successes that I experienced with customers out there in the market. There are customers with whom I had negotiated for five years and whom I was never able to convince, and I had to have patience until their current contracts with competitors had expired. When you're then able to sign a contract after five years, that's a really cool story that motivates and gives joy.

Benefits for me as an employee

Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland stands out thanks to its positive atmosphere and the people that work here. By now, I probably know just about every employee here at the head quarters. We greet each other in the hallways and we have fun and enjoy being here. That kind of enthusiasm is contagious, and we all really like coming here every day.

My Coke story

My favorite beverage is Coca‑Cola Zero. I love Coca‑Cola, but I also have to watch calories which is why I prefer Coca‑Cola Zero. Every now and again, also like to drink an original Coca‑Cola, but Coca‑Cola Zero is part of every lunch and dinner for me. I drink it several times a day.

Whom we are looking for

One should have this zest for life that everybody here has. That's a really important point. You have to really enjoy the work and bring this energy, this spirit.

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So, if you've got a drive to succeed, a willingness to learn and a winning spirit, why not join us?

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