I particularly appreciate the variety and the opportunity to actively participate in projects. You're not just "the apprentice who goes for coffee.

My career story

I started an apprenticeship at Coca‑Cola HBC one and a half years ago. So far, I've already been able to switch departments three times in order to gain insights into various areas.  It's very cool and I have a lot of fun. It was a super good decision to do my apprenticeship here. The fast hiring process at Coca‑Cola HBC influenced my decision back then. They contacted me very quickly. I was able to do an assessment here, which allowed me to already gain some first insights into the work. I was offered an apprenticeship position on the same day on which I completed my assessment. That made me very happy.

About the Coke family

The highlight here at Coca‑Cola HBC are the coworkers who motivate me every day.
I really like our staff parties because they are always held at beautiful locations with good music and delicious food. The whole company comes together as a group and enjoys the evening.

My growth with CCHBC

I am learning a lot here at Coca‑Cola HBC. Having the opportunity to switch departments every six months allows me to see so much of the company. Because every department is different, I keep learning new things. That's the best.

All of my trainers support me very much. I can learn and grow, and they teach me a lot. So far, I've been able to learn something important in each department and take it with me on my way.

My personal success story

So far I've been in three departments. I started in Domestic Sales in the office. In the second department I was also in Sales, but focused on certain regions. There, I had my biggest success story. I was able to help with a project for which employees from other countries that are part of the CCHBC group came to Switzerland. They analyzed the Swiss beverage market. I was allowed to help organize the accompanying program for the visitors. It was very satisfying for me to see the successes in the end and to know that I had played a part in that.

My third department was Human Resources. There, I was allowed to recruit apprentices. That was also very exciting because I was closely involved in the job application process – but this time, I was on the other side.

About my apprenticeship with CCHBC Switzerland

Above all, I enjoy the variety and the ability to be actively involved in projects.  You're not only the "apprentice who gets coffee". You're fully involved, have your own projects and are regarded as a full team member.

About the Apprentice community

All apprentices get along with each other pretty well. We always take breaks at the same time and eat lunch together. Some of us also spend time together privately. That's also something that I appreciate a lot about Coca‑Cola HBC. We get to meet people here with whom we strike up real friendships. We go on vacation together and so on. I am very happy to do my apprenticeship here because I've grown very fond of the people.


My daily motivation

The people at Coca‑Cola motivate me and are an important reason why I enjoy coming to the office every day. I like the fact that I can also have fun with my colleagues and talk about personal matters. Coca‑Cola HBC is a really cool company with fantastic employees.

What I am proud of as a CCHBC employee

What makes me proud about working at Coca‑Cola HBC is, of course, the brand – because it is simply the coolest.  But of course I'm also proud of the projects I am involved in. And when you see something at the supermarket or read something in the media, you can say: "Hey, I work here and I know exactly what's going on here." It's actually pretty cool to know what's happening behind the scenes.

My Coke story

My favorite beverage is Coca‑Cola Zero. It's a classic, and yet it's special.  That's also how I would describe myself. I consider myself a classic, but I'm still special in my own way. My connection with Coca‑Cola Zero is very simple. I've been drinking it since its launch in 2007 and I simply enjoy it a lot. I don't notice any difference in taste between Coca‑Cola Original and the version with zero calories and zero sugar.

Whom we are looking for

If you want to do an apprenticeship here, you should be open and communicative and have an interest in learning new things.

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