Our strategy

Our corporate strategy is built on four pillars: Community trust, consumer relevance, customer preference and cost leadership.

Coca-Cola HBC strategic framework diagram

Community trust

Local roots and our charitable commitments

We believe that our business can only be as healthy and strong as the economic, social and ecological environment in which we operate. Therefore a close and good relationship with our stakeholders is essential. Trust is the foundation of our relationships with customers, consumers, employees, neighbours, institutions and business partners, and we build trust through the responsible, sustainable management of our business. 

Sustainability is part of our corporate philosophy and we have worked for years to embed corporate responsibility and sustainability into all our business processes and decisions. We have also consistently set ambitious long-term targets and reported against them, holding ourselves accountable to delivering on our commitments.

Consumer relevance

Offering our consumers the right products for all occasions

For Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland, consumer relevance means meeting and exceeding consumer expectations by offering the right products, in the right packages, through the right channels for the right occasion and lifestyle.

Through innovation we constantly enlarge our beverage portfolio. All our products must be consistently fresh, in premium condition, provide transparent nutritional information and be presented cold when that is appropriate. Our commitment to transparent and responsible information and communication also extends to our sales and marketing activities. Therefore, we have voluntarily pledged to refrain from advertising aimed at children under 12 years of age.

Customer preference

Delivering the products and services our customers expect

Building successful relationships with our customers is fundamental to our success. We work hard to ensure our people are constantly focused on customer needs and satisfaction. We aim to exceed expectations in terms of delivery and execution and work as partners in creating value to achieve the best relationship, that we can win together with our customers.

Cost leadership

Focusing on a cost efficiency mindset

We are continuously increasing our operational flexibility and looking for new possibilities to ensure the sustainable competitiveness of our Swiss business and thereby reinvesting in the market.