Our Strategy

We are committed to customer and consumer satisfaction and growth. We actively pursue this goal by fostering dedicated and efficient teams by supporting our community and protecting the environment. 

Our products guide you through your day.

Our products guide you through your day

Our consumers’ tastes and preferences constantly change. That is why we place them at the heart of all of our activities and offer an innovative and tailored range of products.  

We aim to provide the right product for every taste and situation –24 hours, seven days a week. The following applies to each of our products: it complies with the highest quality standards, is labelled with clear nutritional information and is offered chilled at all times, if possible.  

We take our responsibility towards consumers very seriously. We are guided by the "Swiss Pledge" when marketing and selling our drinks. Together with other leading Swiss food and beverage manufacturers, we voluntarily commit ourselves not to advertise to children under 12 years old and to refrain from product-specific communication in primary schools. 

We celebrate our market success with our customers

Our close and long-standing customer relationships build the foundation of our success. Their needs and wishes are the top priority for our employees. We not only deliver the best quality goods on time but as a strong business partner, we also create added value for both sides along the entire value chain.

We celebrate our market success with our customers

We foster our employees’ potential.

We foster our employees’ potential

The best teams deliver the best customer service. That is why we aim to create a workplace environment that encourages our employees to fully utilize their potential. We highly value diversity as we believe that different talents and points of view increase customer satisfaction. 

We grow through competitiveness and innovation

We want to strengthen our competitive ability and be dynamic and flexible within the market. That is why we continuously work to provide the best possible conditions for our economic activity. We also rely on new technologies to simplify our processes, reduce costs, increase speed, and ultimately create extraordinary customer experiences. The careful use of our resource plays an important role in this. 

We grow through competitiveness and innovation.

We tackle where we are at home.

We tackle where we are at home

We are convinced that our business can only be successful if the same applies to the economic, social, and ecological environment we work in. Sustainable, responsible actions build trust, and trust builds the foundation of our relationships with customers, consumers, employees, partners, and institutions. Sustainability is deeply rooted in our business philosophy: we set ourselves ambitious and long-term goals, position ourselves as an environmentally aware market leader, and consistently work to reduce our carbon footprint while supporting society. 

With these goals always in mind, we continuously work to optimize our business processes and decisions. Through regular assessments, we commit ourselves to live up to our responsibility and our activities and foster open and transparent communication.